Day 39: Seinfeld shoes

I caught a Seinfeld rerun on TV today (the one with the Soup Nazi) and I was reminded of something that bugged me about him.

Between the time his cheapo shoes fell apart, and when he finally broke down and spent some money on a proper pair, he was forced to wear his white running shoes EVERYWHERE, and with EVERYTHING.

I endured the “Seinfeld Era” for a couple of months with grace and compassion. I only called him “Jerry” on a few occasions, and it was clearly in jest.

I guess it’s acceptable to wear runners with jeans if the jeans aren’t too fitted, and mercifully his aren’t. But he’d pair those white sneakers with dark gray dress pants sometimes! Gasp!

Anyway, I just remembered today how annoying I used to find that. Yeah yeah… I know it’s superficial.  I’m a snobby fashionista. That’s just part of the lovely package he saw fit to throw away. I’m entitled to be a bit mean from time to time.


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