Day 43: Plenty Offish

This is a major step backwards.

I was curious to know if he’s back on Plenty Offish again (that’s not a typo, but a nickname a very witty friend gave the site), so I searched for all 30-year-olds within a certain radius.  My profile is still hidden, so I don’t think there’s any way for him to know I’ve looked. Man, I hope he can’t see that I’ve looked!

Is this weird? It’s weird, isn’t it? 

Turns out he’s been online today. His profile is virtually the same. Doesn’t seem remotely as funny as it did when I first saw it, just under a year ago. There are also some mistruths, I realize now. He does not have an “athletic” build. Not at all. He does not run everyday. He runs every now and then, and not very far. He does not have a graduate degree, but rather two undergraduate ones, neither of which has any use in the real world. He is a good cook — I’ll give him that — but he most certainly does not cook elaborate french meals every day. He’s got the same two photos up, which only kind of look like how he actually looks. None of it actually seems like him at all, frankly.  

I bet he’s already been on some dates. And  I bet that they’ve been train wrecks. I bet he’s been on dates with bland, clueless 22-year-olds who bore him to tears, but who think he’s totally awesome. I bet he keeps going on these dates, because he figures he can’t do any better.  I bet he suggests going to the movies, since that’s all he ever seems to want to do.

That was a depressing exercise. If that won’t keep me from online dating, I don’t know what will.


In other news… I ended up going to my first Meet Up hike yesterday! It was raining like a muthafucka and freezing as hell. By the end my boots were going “squish squish squish” with every step.  However, it was fun. The people I went with were very cool, actually. The guy I carpooled with had an iPod full of amazing music. And another thing… I stupidly left my spare set of socks in my backpack, so they got almost as soaked as the ones I was wearing… so he lent his spare set! Chivalrous. Check. Good taste in music. Check. Attracted to him? I dunno. Attracted to me? hard to tell. Single? I think so, but I dunno. An encouraging sign that I’m not going to be Mopey McMoperson forever? Yes.


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