I started this blog immediately after my boyfriend  dumped me. In my state of shock, I guess I just wanted the to spew my anger and hurt as far and wide as possible. I acknowledged from the outset how nauseatingly self-indulgent and tacky a breakup blog was, but I’ve found the exercise to be really cathartic. It’s allowed me to see the humour in an otherwise depressing situation.

I’ve decided to wind down this blog. I’ve accepted the relationship just wasn’t meant to be, and frankly I’ve eased into a new singleton routine that isn’t terribly interesting.

So, for posterity, here is my 66-day chronicle of heartbreak, named after the best heartbreak song ever.

Don’t fret: I’m still blogging.

LOVE life/ love LIFE is where I talk about how my love life is going, post breakup.

Swoonology is where I talk about fashion, food and the other delightful things in life that make me swoon (and stuff I don’t mind my ex-boyfriends, work acquaintances etc. reading).


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